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The Murray Parish Trust at the opening of the Hilton at The Ageas Bowl

James and Sarah posted tweets about The Murray Parish Trust being present at the opening of the Hilton at the Ageas Bowl in Southampton:

James met his childhood hero, Ian Botham, a former cricketer and current cricket commentator.

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Season 3 of Defiance starts today!

Today is the the start of season 3 of Defiance in the USA with a double episode: on Syfy at 8pm Eastern (ET).
The third series will start in the UK on Thursday June 25th at 9pm (and not on June 18th, as was announced previously).
In Germany the premiere will be on Tuesday June 16th at 20:13pm.
There is no announcement when season 3 will start on the Dutch Syfy. The first two seasons started about three months later than the US premiere.

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The Murray Parish Trust hands over cheque to PICU Southampton

The Murray Parish Trust Facebook page mentions today they handed over a cheque to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at Southampton General Hospital.
Kudos to James and to Sarah and to all the people who made a donation.

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As you may have noticed, jamesmurraynews hasn’t been updated in the past few months.

Due to a devastating illness, smokeygirl19 is in at home hospice care and she has asked us (kristen_mara, lukadreaming and nietie) to take over the job as maintainer and moderator.

Of course smokeygirl19 will always be the founder and owner of this wonderful community and together we will try to keep up with the brilliant work she has done in the past. We send her all our love and support.

As a start we post a picture of our favourite man, awaiting his reappearance in season 3 of Defiance: