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In Memory of smokeygirl19

Today would have been smokeygirl19 's birthday.

In memory of her I repost the birthday drabble that I wrote for her in 2014 about James's character Niles Pottinger in Defiance. It was based on the trailer for season 2, before the first episode had aired.

Title: The New Mayor
Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Genre: gen
Characters: Niles Pottinger
Disclaimer: Not mine, no money made. Defiance and its characters belong to Syfy
Author Notes: A speculative look at the start of season 2 of Defiance, when the town gets a new mayor: E-Rep Niles Pottinger.

Niles Pottinger was the new E-Rep mayor of Defiance and people had to accept that.

He tried to assess who was his toughest enemy.

Datak Tarr, the obnoxious Castithan, immediately removed from his mayoralty?

Joshua Nolan, the maverick lawman, possibly a loose canon?

Rafe McCawley, the powerful owner of the mines?

Or Amanda Rosewater, tough, but vulnerable and damaged at the same time?

Pottinger decided to try his charm mostly on Ms Rosewater.

He smiled, his blue eyes softening and his voice soothing.

"My job is keeping Defiance peaceful and productive. So I came here with the best intentions."

Tags: defiance, mod post
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