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Tribute to smokeygirl19

It  fills us with terrible sadness that we've got confirmation from her family that smokeygirl19 passed away on May 1st.

She was the founder of this community and with passion and dedication she posted news about James Murray and wrote wonderful fanfic on her own journal.

Dear smokeygirl19,
I never met you in RL, but we had such deep and caring conversations over the internet, as if we'd already been friends for a long time. We both could relate and support each other when both our mothers died. We laughed a lot too and shared stories, jokes and information.
When you sent me a message you always closed with "Highest hopes for good health and happiness and best wishes".
The news that you were terminally ill was devastating. Such a spirited person, full of life and full of love for mankind and for your sweet pets, your children.
I have highest hopes you are without pain and suffering now. I miss you, my dear friend.

I wish that smokeygirl19 and I had met in person but I am very glad that we did get to meet online and become friends. Our email chats were full of fun and support. She was a wonderful person.
smokeygirl19 wanted us to keep jamesmurraynews going, and we will do so in memory of her to celebrate one of her favourite actors.


I'm going to miss Smokeygirl19 a great deal. I loved her constant enthusiasm, support and sense of humour. Her upbeat emails helped me a great deal during a difficult part of my life. The news that she was so ill was devastating.
Love Luka

Smokeygirl19 was always enthusiastic about the things she loved and keen to share that enthusiasm with others. She constantly offered support without wanting anything in return, going out of her way to help others whenever she could. Her presence in our small corner of the internet had a big impact and she will certainly be missed.

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