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James Murray new role...

James Murray has been cast as a regular for the next season of the SyFy series "Defiance."  Nellie Andreeva of just posted the news.  Since Deadline does not allow LiveJournal to directly link to their site, a copy of the article is under the cut:

Jim Murray Joins Syfy’s ‘Defiance’, FX’s ‘Saint George’ Casts Leads
By NELLIE ANDREEVA | Wednesday July 31, 2013 @ 10:58am PDTTags: Defiance, Jenn Lyon, Jim Murray, Kaden Gibson, Saint George

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Jim Murray (CBS’ Chaos) is joining the second season of Syfy’s Defiance as a new regular. On the show, developed in partnership with gamer Trion Worlds, Murray will play Niles Pottinger, the new mayor of Defiance. Appointed by the Earth Republic, Pottinger is shrewd, polished and charming. But his civilized veneer hides a ruthless pragmatist who traffics in information and secrets, and mercilessly punishes those who defy him. His latest object of desire is ex-mayor Amanda Rosewater (Julie Benz). Murray is repped by Andy Corren Management, UTA, United Agents and David Matlof.

Defiance brought me back to watching SyFy after years of wrestling and reality shows that don't appeal to me. It's a good show with lots of intrigue and plot twists and turns.

The premise of the show is a new Earth after alien invasion and terraforming of Earth. Now, Earth is populated by other sentient races and humans. The show centers on an independent government in old St. Louis, now called Defiance, fighting the Earth Republic's attempts to run the city-state. Clearly, from the synopsis in this article, Earth Republic has managed to take over Defiance.

The show has no real villains or heroes...people of all races are a mixture of good and evil based on their motives. Virtually everyone has a hidden, secret, or unsavory past. It's good, complex, character-driven science fiction.

The first season of Defiance was filmed in Toronto, Canada, and unconfirmed menton in Wikipedia indicates the second season will also film in Toronto, beginning in August this year...with a projected air date of June, 2014.

Other articles with a variation on the Deadline posting (which was first) can be found at TVFanatic and TVLine.  For some more information on what the Season 1 regulars see for Season 2, this Huffington Post article covers the Comic Con Defiance panel.

Interesting note: British actress Jaime Murray plays Stahma Tarr, the wife of one of the pale aliens.  I noticed the Deadline article referred to James as "Jim Murray."  It will be interesting to see how he's actually billed, as Jim Murray or James Murray, due to the similarity of their names.
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